Welcome to the Stop the Spot Campaign

GRDC and Curtin University are endeavouring to reduce Yellow Spot wheat disease to a level of low economic impact.
Stop The Spot is a nation-wide program to develop solutions for Yellow Spot in Australia.
It represents a teamwork approach between industry and researchers.

The aims of Stop The Spot are:

  1. To encourage a higher level of grower/researcher engagement
  2. To develop and test an early detection system for increases in pathogen virulence
  3. To screen for yellow spot pathogenicity mechanismsfile0001938433560
  4. To develop biosecurity advice for industry
  5. To provide a national snapshot of Yellow Spot disease

  6. A spin-off from this campaign is the development of tools and markers for wheat breeders tailored to current Yellow Spot fungal strains.

    By being involved in this program you shall be the first to hear about the outcomes of this research.